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‘Designing Tomorrow’
Turning inspiring ideas into real-world solutions

“It’s easy to take nature for granted. Our planet is massive but it’s still just this one place, and we have a real deadline to come up with solutions.”

– Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

‘Designing Tomorrow’ is a three-part video series created in collaboration with Bloomberg Media Studios that takes a close look at the latest initiatives being undertaken by Kia to turn our inspirations derived from nature into tangible solutions for a better tomorrow. With special host appearances by award-winning Danish actor and UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, the series gives an inside peek into some of the noteworthy partnerships Kia is forging around the world to bring our sustainability goals to life.

Kia’s vision of becoming a ‘Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider’ means that we are always looking for solutions that will move the world forward in a more sustainable way. The core value of Kia’s sustainability vision lies not in the actions of one, but in the actions of many – the synergy created by people, organizations, and communities as they become motivated to take part in movements that will lead to bigger, more positive impacts on future generations.

Episode 1 : Reimagining Ocean Plastic Solutions

Now in its second year, Kia’s partnership with The Ocean Cleanup is aimed at lending tangible support to their mission of ridding the oceans of plastic while searching for ways to upcycle The Ocean Cleanup’s plastic catch into Kia’s value chain. In this first episode of ‘Designing Tomorrow’, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau meets with The Ocean Cleanup’s founder and CEO, Boyan Slat, on board the Interceptor 007 in Los Angeles to discuss how sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions.

Episode 2 : Innovation from Nature

In this episode of ‘Designing Tomorrow’, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau explores the rise of biomaterials and the visionary thinking that is accelerating our path towards a more sustainable future. Learn more about how partners like Mycel are spearheading advances in the biomaterials field that are unlocking new sustainability solutions for the auto industry. We also hear from Kia’s Head of Color, Material and Finish (CMF) Design, Marília Biill, about how innovations in biomaterials research have led to the Kia EV9 becoming our first product to feature ’10 must-have sustainable items’, including organic materials such as corn extract, sugarcane and natural oils.

Episode 3 : Unlocking Blue Carbon’s Potential

Mina Sue Choi, environmental activist and Miss Earth 2022 takes us on a journey into the mudflats of Korea to discover the hidden power of coastal ecosystems as a valuable source of blue carbon. Join her as she meets Professor Jong Seong Khim, a leading researcher in tidal ecosystem protection, and Won Chan Lee of Kia’s Sustainability Management Team to learn about the importance of mudflats as carbon sinks as well as Kia’s Blue Carbon Project, which aims to support the government’s efforts to mitigate climate change and achieve carbon neutrality by protecting and restoring Korea’s mudflats.