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The Kia K4

Dare to Progress

The next-generation sedan: Breaking boundaries

We move forward,
daring to defy the ordinary,
to change inspiration to reality,
to create originality.
The Kia K4 is a new movement
that brings 'extraordinary' to the ordinary, into every day life.

Manifesto Film

New Design


The Kia K4
The Kia K4 GT-Line
The Kia K4 5-Door GT-Line

Dare to Progress

Usp Detail

① Kia AI assistant
Kia voice assistant has become even more capable with the integration of generative AI. Generative AI comprehends complex contexts through natural language understanding, which allows it to have a daily conversation with users. The AI assistant can support travel planning using vast amount of information within the generative AI, while guiding you how to use and maintain your car. A lot more is to come in the upcoming updates. This human-like assistant will always support and inspire you as you explore the world.

② Timeless OTA
The Kia K4 provides connectivity that goes beyond time. Commited to continuous improvement and progress, the Kia K4 is equipped with Over-the-Air(OTA) technology, which offers a wide range of update options, maintaining optimal condition at all time.

③ Wireless carplay
Feel connected while wireless. All K4 models feature Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto by standard.

The Kia K4 pre-production global model shown with optional features.

The Kia K4 offers various and upscaled safety and convenient technologies to ensure the driver's peace of mind.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist(FCA) with Evasive Steering wheel Assist(ESA) is designed to detect risk of forward collisions. It also assists the driver to avoid the collision with evasive steering maneuvers.

Meanwhile, Highway Driving Assist(HDA) 2.0 supports stable driving on highways utilizing lane-keeping and smart cruise control features, as well as assisting with the lane change.

BVM(Blind-Spot View Monitor) provides a visual display of the rear view to assist with safe lane changes during driving, while SVM(Surround View Monitor) displays the surrounding vehicle conditions through video during driving/parking, helping to ensure safe driving.

① Best-in class NVH performance
The Kia K4 with comfort oriented driving dynamics is tailored to set the noise, vibration and harshness(NVH) in the lowest level, reaching best-in class NVH performance.

② 1.6 GTL+
1.6-liter turbocharged engine and 8-speed automatic transmission boosts the driving experience with sporty additions, such as steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, sport pedals and a multi-link rear suspension. As the only compact sedan with an available 8-speed automatic transmission, the K4 GT-Line Turbo delivers power smoothly at low speeds, responds quickly and provides an engaging driving experience.