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Movement inspires

Sounds in Nature

Movement in nature has inspired us for centuries. And now, sounds of movement in nature have inspired a new musical instrument.

The sounds of movement in nature help induce the creative flow state of consciousness.

These sounds were captured all over the world and used to build the first instrument designed to inspire you.

Our Instrument

An instrument scientifically designed
to make music that puts you into a creative state of flow.

In collaboration with DaHouse Audio
and world leading synth builder Arthur Joly, we created the Kia instrument.
A unique instrument that can be used in combination with scientific guidelines
to compose melodies that are proven to inspire you.

Our Album

An album that takes you on an inspiring journey.
Made with the Kia instrument.

Each track reflects different aspects of movement and inspiration, while all featuring sounds of real movements in nature.

The album was tested on over 200 participants. The results proved that there was increased activity in the parts of the brain connected to creativity.

Kia Sound in

The Kia EV6

Even the sounds of The Kia EV6 inspire.
Find out more how we can inspire you on every on journey.

* Vehicle shown not available in all markets.
See your local Kia affiliate website for the version available in your area

Partnership with


We’ve partnered with SoundCloud to give you the chance to create your very own track made with the Kia instrument into our ‘Kia Creator Contest’ and have the world listen to your music.