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Kia’s Design Sustainability Strategy - 10 must have items

Kia believes that sustainability should be at the core of everything we create. Therefore, our strategy focuses on sustainability at scale to generate real impact. Through R&D, Kia has successfully implemented more than 30 sustainable solutions in various product areas, including fabrics and carpets using recycled PET, bio-based alternative leather, and BTX*-free paint.

*BTX (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene)

In order to fulfill our corporate responsibility and have immediate real impact, Kia has established a 3-step action plan for the Color, Material and Finish.

In the 1st action we’ll phase out the usage of leather and replace it by an innovative Bio material. For the 2nd action we defined what we call “10 must have sustainable items” that will be applied to all new Kia models to guarantee sustainability at scale. And as an future development, in the 3rd action we will work on advanced Bio fabrication.

Here you can learn more about the 10 items.

10 Must Have Items

Over the past decades, Kia has implemented various solutions for sustainability. However, they were spread in our variety of products without a more holistic approach. To make sure we create a real big impact, we defined “10 must have items” that will be applied to all new Kia models. With this action, we guarantee the implementation of sustainability at scale.

1. Bio plastic

2. PCM** plastic

3. Bio PU

4. Recycled PET fabric

5. Recycled PET or
fishing net carpet

6. Bio PU foam

7. Bio paint

8. BTX free paint

9. Recycled PET yarns

10. Recycled PET felt

**PCM (Post Consumer Material)

We will continue our commitment to sustainability with the action plans including 10 Must Have Items. Stay tuned for Kia’s movement towards sustainable future!