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Platform Beyond Vehicle


Find out more about Kia’s PBV vision and business strategy
at Kia PBV exhibition in the LVCC West Hall between January 9-12.


Bespoke car hailing for any situation, wherever you are.
Get onboard a Kia PBV for a relaxing journey in a space tailored just for you.


From long-distance to last-mile smart logistics delivery,
Kia PBVs are the pulse of the urban commercial heartbeat.


For family, work or play. What if you could change your car to suit any purpose?
Kia PBVs are a future mobility solution that can easily transform to suit every lifestyle.


Innovation lies at the core of the infinite possibilities brought to life by Kia PBVs.
Experience the advanced technology that allows Kia PBVs to flexibly change according to your mobility needs.

CES 2024 Press Conference

*The vehicles shown here are concept models that are not yet available for purchase. All images and videos shown are for illustration purposes only.