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The Kia instrument.

Movement in nature has inspired us for centuries. And now, sounds in nature have inspired a new musical instrument.

Embracing Kia’s spirit of progress and innovation we’ve taken scientific research and turned it into a catalyst for inspiration.

Movement in nature has always been a source of inspiration for Kia. So, embracing our spirit of progress and innovation, we took inspiration from movement to develop a completely new musical instrument.

Neuroscientific research shows that pink noise, often found in sounds from nature, especially those that involve movement such as wind, ocean waves, rainfall, and the movement of birds, increase Alpha waves in the brain which activate the listener’s creative sensors.

This inspired us to collaborate with DaHouse Audio and world leading synth experts in the world to create the Kia instrument. A unique synth that uses the sounds of movement in nature to enable creativity.

We used the instrument to develop Kia’s new sound logo. Composing a melody that followed neuroscientific parameters covering bpm, harmonic progressions, melodic intervals and texture. They also used it to develop the welcome and goodbye sounds for the fully electric Kia EV6, so you can get inspired even when you are on the move. But we didn’t stop there. We even recruited up-and-coming artists to make a four-track album. Everything created with the Kia instrument was lab tested on people’s brains using EEG equipment. The results showed that the compositions brought people closer to a creative state of flow.

Our Instrument

Our Album