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An album that takes you on an inspiring journey.
Made with the Kia instrument.

We teamed up with WAVE: a faceless and genderless virtual artist whose work incorporates textures and ambience from nature combined with neuroscience. Using the Kia instrument WAVE has created an album that takes listeners on a semiotic journey through movement. Each track reflects different aspects of movement and inspiration, while all featuring different sound textures recorded from real movements in nature, in order to bring the listener closer to a creative state of flow.

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Take 1

City Lights

Artist. Yeseo
YESEO (예서) is an electronic producer and singer-songwriter from South Korea. She made her debut in 2015 with the single “Let it all go”. With her first single, she became a super rookie in the Korean electronic scene by being nominated for the Korean Music Awards. In 2019, YESEO dropped her first LP Album, the self-produced “Damn Rules”. She won the best dance & electronic music of the year at the Korean Music Awards in 2019.
Take 2

You’re not alone

Artist. UZA
UZA (우자) is a South Korean electronic singer under the label Coree Sounds. She debuted in 2015 with the digital single album, Stuck. Her music style moves from Synthpop to House. UZA is also a member of an electronic pop duo, UZA & SHANE, that have been praised for their energetic song writing and performances.
Take 3

Every single move

Artist. JVNR & Thom K
JVNR, also known as Jun Roh, is a South Korean solo artist who debuted in 2017. As an artist, Roh is a traveling one-man-show, taking on vocals, lead guitar and synths all by himself. He was initially the frontman of South Korean electronic pop-rock outfit WHOwho, but decided to go solo after five years of being in a band: His solo project is called the JVNR project. In 2017 and 2018, he set out on a world tour, writing songs in English.
Take 4


Artist. Gustavo Bertoni
Gustavo has been the lead composer, singer and guitarist in the band Scalene for almost 10 years. They made their mark on recent Brazilian rock history, by releasing 3 albums “Real/Surreal”(2013),“Éter” (2015, Latin Grammy Winner for Best Rock Album In Portuguese) and “magnetite” (2017), as well as touring Brazil and playing important festivals (Rock In Rio, Lollapalooza, SXSW (EUA). They’ve solidified a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim. His first solo album“The Pilgrim” came in 2015. Gustavo now focuses on his solo career.

Music Video

“Nothing truly great ever came from standing still.”
- Every Single Move (ft. JVNR & Thom K)

The track “Every Single Move,” perfectly captures Kia’s philosophy that “movement inspires ideas” by reminding us that “nothing truly great ever came from standing still”. Renowned music video director, Courtney Philips, who has worked with artists such as Ann Marie, Rita Ora, Kacey Musgraves, Marshmello, Khalid, and Dermot Kennedy, brought the track’s message to life in this music video.

It tells the story of a young aspiring music producer who spends her days and nights making beats in a recording studio she’s built in her bedroom. As she struggles in her creative process, we delve into her imagined world as she goes on a moving journey in search of inspiration.

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