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Behind the scenes: The people who created the EV6

Oct 1, 2021

First revealed back in March, the Kia EV6 instantly captured the world’s attention. Not only was it Kia’s first electric vehicle (EV), it was the very first car to sport Kia’s new brand identity.

The EV6 is a heartthrob among car enthusiasts, resulting in a successful pre-order with a maximum range of 528km1 and 0-100km/h acceleration in 3.5 seconds2. Powerful performance specs and a forward-looking design made for a great all-around package.

So what went into the new EV everyone’s talking about? Today we bring you the engineers and designers who created the EV6 to reveal the stories behind the car and answer any questions you might have about its development. Here are their stories.

Engineers: Inspiring movement with an emotional performance

Q. Creating something entirely new that exceeds what came before can be quite a challenge. What did you focus on most when you were creating the new EV6?

A. One of the top goals in developing the EV6 was to overcome the most common pain-point of driving an EV... Charging. Time waits for no one, and we wanted our cars to charge quickly. That is one of the reasons we built the EV6 on an optimized platform, like the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

Q. Charging speed and charging compatibility are often at odds. Which direction did you concentrate on for the EV6?

A. Fortunately, we were able to opt for both. In terms of charging speed, the EV6 can be charged from 10% up to 80% in just 18 minutes. As a result, the EV6 can be charged from 10% up to 80% in just 18 minutes in terms of charging speed. That is a huge time saver compared to what other EVs offer. Even better, super-fast charging will stay online whatever the weather – from freezing to scorching temperatures.

The fast charging time was made possible by building it for an 800V charging infrastructure. That said, most EV charging systems run on 400V. Luckily, a multi-charging system makes EV6 compatible with both 800V high-speed charging system and mainstream 400V charging system even without a special adapter. Speed and compatibility, all in one beautiful package.

Q. How is it that EV6 performs so powerfully, especially when compared to conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles?

A. The EV6 is an electrified speedster. As a result, it can produce some really potent acceleration. Among all versions of the EV6, the EV6 GT trim is the icing on the cake – it provides the most dynamic performance based on the highest level of power. It can instantaneously deliver power to the vehicle, accelerating from 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds and reaching a top speed of 260km/h. What’s more, drift mode comes standard on EV6 for even more excitement.

1 The maximum range of 528km is based on WLTP for EV6 long-range version
2 3.5sec. for 0-100km/h is the expected acceleration performance for EV6 GT version

These were some core questions to solve people’s biggest curiosities on the EV6’s exciting electric performances. Want to figure out the full behind stories of the performance secrets? Find details in the below.

While performance is a critical feature in choosing a car, it is not the first thing that catches your eye. Design is.
Design is where inspiration starts. Every space that surrounds you is also a source of inspiration. Focusing on spaces, inside and out, our designers created a personal inspiration room for the EV6. Let’s find out more.

Designers: Spaces where creative inspiration unfolds

Q. What kind of inspiration did you want to present when you designed the EV6?

A. New places and new spaces are excellent sources of inspiration. New things stimulate us visually, inspire us and allow our creativity to unfold. Whether you look at it, inside or out, the EV6 is one such source of inspiration, with a distinctive and impactful design that provides a unique space as a futuristic EV.

Q. EV6 has features reminiscent of Kia’s Tiger Nose Grille. Can you tell us more about the exterior?

A. Designing an exterior is like designing the cover of a book – it’s where everyone makes their first impression. So we wanted to impart a solid character that expresses the evolution of the brand’s strengths in the exterior design. The result is a robust combination of clear and simple lines with bold surfaces. Yes, the front part is reminiscent of Kia’s Tiger Nose Grille, but for the electrified era.

And the rear part is the hidden beauty of the EV6. The bold rear haunches and pure, rich volume on the rear shoulder were designed to encourage people to ‘experience’ the EV6 by reaching out and touching it and feeling it. Making people genuinely curious. Curious enough to act and become inspired.

Q. The interior design seems unique and futuristic as well. Can you share some stories about it?

A. When we designed the EV6, our foremost goal was to make it into an inspiring space by providing a fun-to-drive experience for the driver. Therefore, the space had to be focused on the driver and the most comfortable space on the road.

The curved display and instrument panel all point towards the driver’s seat, and the console was built to be easily accessible too.

The seat is also one of the most essential parts for driver’s comfort. So the seats in the EV6 were designed in a distinctive ‘S’ shape that not only set them apart but improved their overall safety.

From the outside to the inside. Did you enjoy the design story of the EV6? Many untold stories are left behind the EV6 design. Check out below for more details!

Looking back the EV6 journey, Stepping forward to the future

The EV6 is Kia’s first car after officially launching its new brand identity. There was a lot of pressure to set a whole new standard during the EV6 journey. But the incredible spirit of the team and people made it possible to create this fantastic, inspiring car.

The EV6 will be the first step in Kia’s journey. After the world premiere, the EV6 has been expanding its market release in countries across the world. Check out the EV6 page in the website to learn more and explore the EV6.