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Kia joins Climate Group’s RE100

Apr 25, 2022

Last November, Kia has announced its plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 in line with the vision to become a sustainable mobility solutions provider. To do so, Kia has committed to the transition to clean energy and resource recirculation. Recognized for these efforts for sustainable future, Kia has become a member of Climate Group’s RE100.

RE100 is a global initiative led by the Climate Group and CDP, bringing together the world’s most influential businesses committed to 100 percent renewable electricity, and has been campaigning since 2014.

This global initiative brings together more than 350 corporations that are committed to 100% renewable electricity, and Kia is the fourth global automotive company to join this initiative.

Solar panel in Kia’s Chinese production sites

Under the goal of carbon neutrality, Kia is considering various ways to procure renewable energy, such as implementing solar panels in business sites like China and signing power purchase agreements (PPA) with wind and solar energy producers. With this endeavor, all electricity will be sourced from renewable energy by 2030 in Kia’s overseas business sites; and by 2040 that transition will be completed for all of Kia’s domestic sites. Kia’s Slovakia production facility has already turned to 100% green energy since 2019.

Stay tuned for Kia’s movement towards sustainable future.