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Key Performance to Achieve Sustainability Management

Kia ensures a harmonious and sustainable future for all humankind and the environment through continuous technological development and mobility innovation.


  • 100% Renewable Energy

    At our Slovakia plant: 100% renewable energy power

    • We contribute in reducing carbon emissions and making our business sites environmentally friendlier by relying our 100% of our electricity consumption on reusable energy
  • Environmental and safety certifications

    Among all 8 global plants, 3 domestic plants and 3 overseas plants (75%) had been certified

    Domestic plants:

    • established integrated environmental and safety management system
    • acquired international certifications (ISO14001·45001)

    Global plants:

    • The plants in the United States and India plan to obtain the certification by 2021, with the goal of achieving integrated environmental and safety management systems across our entire global network by 2022.
  • Green Bond Issuance

    Our first/second green bond for future green mobility investments issued in 2021, approximately valued at 300 billion KRW domestically and 700 million USD internationally.

  • 100% Water Recycling

    Zero net wastewater discharge at Indian plant sites.

    • In 2019, Kia implemented a 100% wastewater recycling system from the designing stage of the Indian plants
  • More than two hundred thousand eco-friendly vehicles

    219k eco-friendly vehicles sold in 2020.(wholesale)

    • In the preceding two years of 2019 and 2018, 154k and 147k eco-friendly units were sold, respectively. (wholesale)
    • Over 42% of the increase in sales in 2020 compared to the previous year
    • Sales target of 1.6M eco-friendly vehicles by 2030
    • Eco-friendly vehicles revenue in 2020(unit : KRW billion) : 7,308 (Wholesale, Managerial Accounting)
      • HEV 3,382 + PHEV 1,435 + EV 2,491
  • A 2021 goal of 12.1B KRW in green investment

    Transition into an eco-friendly company by increasing overall green investment

    • Green investment of 4.1B KRW in 2020
    • Devotion of 12.1B KRW-which has tripled from 2020-to install anti-pollution facilities in 2021


  • Shared Growth

    Establishment of the fair competition principles

    • Founded the fair competition principles to ensure clear and honest competition
    Fair Competition Principles

    ESG assessment of suppliers

    • ESG assessment of 20 key suppliers based on factors such as ethical management and efforts to reduce environmental impact.
    • Recommendations and monitoring to improve the ESG guidelines conformity
  • Covid-19 Support

    Support for employees and local communities against Covid-19

    • Distribution of KF-94 facemasks for employees and community groups to ensure absolute safety and health wellbeing
    • In a total of 5.2M facemasks internal distributions and donation of 100K facemasks to 16 regional fire departments in 2020
    • Utilized Kia's education and training centers as temporary quarantine facilities
  • Raising ESG awareness

    ‘Move Plus’: provided visualized contents to raise organizational awareness of ESG to employees Effective results of employees clarifying terms and grasping concepts in sustainable management

  • Human Rights Charter Guidance for employees

    Establishment of a sustainability management policy and provision of education

    • Publication of Kia’s Human Rights Charter, Code of Ethics, and Code of Conduct for suppliers
    • 60% of all of our office employees completed education on the Human Rights Charter


  • Sustainability Management

    Installation of Sustainability Management Committee within the Board of Directors.

    • Augmented the existing Sustainability Management Committee with an additional role to review ESG agendas to strengthen companywide sustainable management.
  • Valuing our shareholders

    Implementation of shareholder-friendliness

    • Introduction of an electronic voting system for enhancing voting rights (previously held in person or delegation)
    • Notice given four-week prior to a general shareholder meeting.
  • Diversity & Expertise in Board of Directors

    Appointment of female outside director

    • Female auditor nominated as an independent director to reinforce with diversified expertise (March 2021)

    External auditor training sessions

    • Provision of two training programs with the latest information on internal control and audits, including internal accounting management systems, audit plans, and key audit matters.
  • ESG Council

    Amplified operation of the internal ESG Council

    • Semi-annual ESG Council meetings to effectively respond to ESG issues
    • Council reports and conclusions directed to the Board and management
    Initiation of the Sustainability Administration Agenda

Domestic and Global ESG Ratings

Domestic and Global ESG Ratings table
Rating Agency Ratings
(Korea Corporate Governance Service)
2020 Integrated Rating: A+
Environmental: A+ / Social: A+ / Corporate Governance: A
* As of November 2021
26.7 Medium Risk
CDP 2020 Rating
Climate Change A / Water Security A
(Selected as Honors Club for 2 consecutive years in climate change sector, awarded the first grand prize as an OEM company in the water security sector)