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Contribute to the limitless and
safe movement of
humankind using sustainable


Kia believes that sustainable mobility can contribute to the limitless and safe movement of humankind.
Sustainability is the first and last factor to consider for any and all problems on our planet. As a mobility company creating new definitions for mobility, Kia not only provides eco-friendly means of transportation for future generations, but also strives for a world that is safe for all people and free from discrimination.

Core Values

For a more sustainable world, Kia is actively pursuing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) driven by its core values of eco-friendly, limitless, and safe mobility.
Kia will change the world for the better sooner with a variety of corporate social responsibility activities combined with its business capabilities.

  • Eco-friendly

  • Limitless

  • Safe

Logo / Slogan

Green Light is Kia’s logo for global corporate social responsibility initiatives that seeks to "turn off the red light" - red light representing despair that restricts mobility and hinders people from taking on new challenges - and "turn on the green light" - green light representing hope for the future.


Slogan: A Better Way to Go