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Key Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Kia has corporate social responsibility initiatives centered on the values of "clean environment" and "limitless and safe movement" aimed at creating a sustainable world.

Green Light project

Kia’s flagship global corporate social responsibility project that provides residents of underdeveloped countries, including Africa, the opportunity to take on new challenges and supports the growth of individuals as well as the independence of local communities.

Green travel

Movement that inspires For Everyone. Green Travel supports the travel of the handicapped so that limitations against their mobility do not become limitations against their travel.

Good Mobility campaign

Driving a Kia car is a good thing in and of itself. The Good Mobility campaign is a charity campaign where a certain amount per traveled distance is tallied up (e.g. KRW 50/km) and donated when a customer uses Kia Motors for mobility services (e.g. car sharing)

Local communities Social contribution

Kia has unique corporate social responsibility initiatives for each of its places of business worldwide to help fulfill its social responsibilities in the local community.

Employee sharing

Kia operates an in-house employee donation platform, "K-Sharing Together," and an employee volunteer group managed by volunteering employees.