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The Aim of Sustainability Management

To achieve a goal ‘2030, Global Sustainability Leading Company’, Kia is going through Transformation. To that end, we’re taking approach to improve ESG risk management functions in overall management, promote company-wide improvement tasks, and promote interaction by expanding information disclosure.

We adopted and implemented 16 key ESG company-wide improvement tasks in 2020, and we established 7 new strategic tasks across the company for 2021. Based on the sustainability management system, Kia will continue to minimize ESG risks, secure new competitive advantages in the future market environment, and take a leap forward to become a mobility solution provider that coexists with our customers, local communities, and the global environment.

2030, Global Sustainability Leading Company

  • Environmental Management

    We are taking the lead in addressing environmental issues worldwide.

  • Trust-based Management

    We are enhancing transparency in corporate governance to ensure we listen to stakeholders’ opinions and realize higher shareholder value.

  • Social Outreach

    We contribute to social development as a responsible corporate citizen.

Kia 7 ESG Tasks

  1. Establishment of system to achieve carbon neutrality
    Establishment of emission reduction targets for each value chain, implementation of strategic tasks
  2. Reduction of carbon at business sites
    Refinement of plans for achieving RE100, establishment of greenhouse gas monitoring system
  3. Reinforcement of safety system
    Establishment of integrated safety and environment management system, acquisition of the same standard (ISO*) certification for all domestic and overseas business sites
  4. Establishment of ESG system for supply chain
    Evaluation of ESG performance for global tier 1 suppliers and establishing plans for improvement
  5. Reinforcement of human rights protection of employees
    Disclosure of human rights impact assessment results conducted in 2021, improvement of vulnerable areas
  6. Improving transparency of the Board
    Implementation of Board evaluation and improvement of Board operation
  7. Reinforcement of ethical management
    Reinforcement of employee training (workplace ethics, anti-corruption, etc.), disclosure of reports on unethical behavior

* ISO (International Standard Organization)

Sustainability Management Roadmap


Declaration of CSR commitment


Enactment of the Social Responsibility Charter


Strengthening the CSR Framework


Launch of Kia’s Signature CSR Initiatives


Promotion of a Global CSR


Stabilization of the Global CSR framework


Advancing the Global CSR system


Establishment of ESG Framework and reorganization of CSR system


Establishment of mid-to-long-term strategies in response to climate change

Until 2030

Global Sustainability Leading Company