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The Aim of Sustainability Management

Under the vision of 'Sustainable Mobility Solution Provider', Kia is exploring ways to move forward together with various stakeholders and striving to continue our earnest steps toward a sustainable life for all amidst innovation and transformation. We are exploring ways to advance together with various stakeholders from a mid- to long-term perspective for healthy sustainability where everyone can benefit together while striving to continue our earnest steps for the sustainability of humanity and nature amidst innovation and transformation.

  • Company Vision

    Sustainble Mobility Solutions Provider

  • Corporate Strategy Plan S
    • Planet / Shift to Sustainability

      Shift to a green company creating a sustainable value

    • People / Shift our Mindset

      Shift to a customer-oriented mindset rather than a provider mindset

    • Profit / Shift our Business

      Shift to new business and new profit structures

    • ESG Roadmap
    • Reinforcing infrastructure / capabilities 2020~2022

      · Formulate ESG organizations (dedicated organization, Sustainability Management Committee, etc.)

      · Respond primarily to major external evaluations

    • Improving internal constitution 2023~2025

      · Establish mid- to long-term ESG strategies and promote key tasks

      · Strengthen ESG data management and public disclosures

    • Advancing ESG management 2026~

      · Create ESG value for each business value chain

      · Achieve carbon neutrality by 2045

Kia ESG Strategy

"Kia has made sustainable ESG management its top priority for 2021. We have established a management strategy called ‘Plan S‘ and declared our firm will to transition to green, customer-centered, and future-oriented new businesses. In 2023, we set up a new ESG management system to further promote sustainability, which has been a consistent focus throughout our corporate vision, management system, and brand strategy. The new system defines Kia's sustainable direction and value.

Our new ESG vision, ‘Sustainable Movement for an Inspiring Future,’ encapsulates the goals and objectives of our ESG strategy system. This signifies that Kia, which is transforming into a sustainable mobility solution provider, will continue to advance toward a future that inspires together with various stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders, suppliers, local communities, and the natural environment. Through ‘sustainable movement,’ we aspire not only to minimize negative impacts that may arise from corporate activities, but also to enhance inspiration, that is, positive impacts.

  • Sustainble Movement for an Inspiring Future
  • Cleaner & Circular Play a leading role in shaping green and circular economy for our planet

    We will reduce negative impact on the environment and establish a sustainable environment through a circular economy of resources, such as reuse and recycling.

  • Safe & Satisfying Create a safe and satisfying society for all

    We will become a partner that provides happiness and satisfaction as well as safety to all employees, customers, partner companies, and local communities.

  • Transparent & Trustworthy Make our governance transparent and reliable

    We will disclose our efforts and processes in a transparent manner for sustainability and build trust through continuous improvement