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Customers at the Center of Everything We Do

At Kia, we value your opinion,
understand your needs,
and provide the highest value
and experience based on
trust-based communication.
  • Value Creation Value Creation Based on Trust
  • Best Quality Innovations Drives Quality

In 2018, in addition to a service identity called "Kia Promise to Care," we launched a mid- to long-term global service strategy titled "Service Vision 2022," as a promise to offer the highest possible customer value and quality. To that effect, we have developed key initiatives to become the world’s top service brand, specifically in the five key areas of customer service, by 2022.

Customer Communication Service

With digitalized customer communication, Kia goes above and beyond. Our new mobile app, "Kia VIK," has consolidated the complete automotive management process from purchase to maintenance and disposal into a single app. Customer membership services and mileage points, new model debuts, online quotations, test ride sign-ups, and new offer releases are all now easily accessible on your smartphone.

Kia Members (Kor)

Customer Compensation and Service Procedure

Arbitration for Replacement or Refund (In charge: Customer Value Team)

Sales Contract

Accept the rules on arbitration Sign the contract after the explanation of the definition effects and important details of the arbitration

Warranty Repair

Major defects – once,
General defects - twice

Defect Recurrence

The same symptom occurred after repair
(Major defects second recurrence/ General defects: third recurrence)

Notification of defect recurrence

Enforcement Rule of the Motor Vehicle Management Act

Defect Recurrence Report

Customer Center

Vehicle Repair

Service Network

Defect Recurrence

The same symptom recurs despite the repair carried out upon receiving the recurrence report
(Major defects third recurrence / General defects: fourth recurrence)

Arbitration Request

Follow the arbitral award process

Customer Service Process


Inquiries or complaints

Collect complaint

Online/offline channels - customer centers, corporate websites, mobile channels

Quick response

1. Ask for solution
2. Respond to customers
3. Communicate the request results


Take action required by the customer and reflect it into the business policy

Sales·Service Training

To enhance client satisfaction, Kia offers a variety of customer service training options. From the instant consumers choose Kia, we aspire to complete customer satisfaction during their experience. We’ve held an annual global competition for great service employees on our global corporate premises since 2002, and the 2019 competition drew 200 mechanics from 46 nations. We also use video content for value education with both internal and external consumers.

Sales and Service Training table
Classification 2018 2019 2020
Number of people per year 29,708 25,135 Being aggregated
Total hours 35,264 29,805 Being aggregated
Training hours per person 1.19 1.19 Being aggregated

Quality related Education

Kia provides specific education to all full time employees related to product quality at the production and service stages, depending on each organization's specialty.
For example, employees of the quality division are provided with the Quality Competency Improvement Learning Solution, while intensive quality education are provided for production engineer groups specifically involved with quality issues.

Product and Service Safety Programs

Kia strives to be on top of the fast changing economy and environment of customers to provide safer, more convenient services.

Safety Compensation Service (Kor)

Privacy Protection

Kia has built the Customer Personal Information Center, which can effectively secure simple customer data such as name and contact information from becoming lost in the huge amount of data created by mobility services. Employees also undergo ongoing self-inspection of the operating system and regular information security training. Our information security system (ISO 27001) is audited every year to ensure that data is used safely and that personal data breaches are avoided at all times.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey table
Category Contents Quality Award
2020 Initial Quality Study No. 1 Mass-market Brand for 6 years in a row,
No. 1 Industry Brand
  • Compact Car: Forte(2 years in a row)
  • Minivan: Sedona
  • Upper Midsize SUV: Sorento
  • Sub-Compact Car: Soul
2021 Vehicles Dependability Study First Korean Brand for
No. 1 Mass-market Brand
  • Compact Executive Car: Optima
  • Small SUV: Sportage
  • Sub-Compact Car: Soul

Awards by Country

Awards by Country table
Country Contents
  • Selected as leading mass-market brand for six consecutive years in "2020 Initial Quality Study" & First Korean brand ever be selected as the best performing mass-market brand in "2021 Vehicle Dependability Study" by J. D. Power
  • Telluride named "2020 World Car of the Year" and Soul EV entitled "2020 World Urban Car Award"
  • Sorento crowned both "Carbuyer Car of the Year" and "Carbuyer Best Large Family Car of the Year" in 2021
Latin America
  • Sorento, "SUV of the Year" in 2021 Latin Flavor Cars of the Year Awards
  • Highest-possible Euro NCAP safety rating awarded to the new Kia Sorento SUV
  • XCeed's triumphed at the first edition of the Polish "Car of the Year" competition in 2020
  • Four grand prizes at the "2020 Car of the Year Russia" awards, with accolades for Picanto, Ceed, Seltos and Stinger.
  • Sorento, named "2021 Golden Steering Wheel Award" in large SUVs category by Auto Bild and Bild am Sonnatag
  • Scored highest in customer service satisfaction among mass market brands from J.D. Power's "2020 China Customer Service Index (CSI) Study"
  • Selected as the best company in the "Indian Dealer Customer Satisfaction Survey" by Indian automobile market research firm "Car Dealer Tracker"

Marketing Communication and Product Labeling

Europe (EU)

  • Product information: ID labeling (WVTA certification number, vehicle weight, other certification information, etc.)
  • Fuel/electric charging information: Fuel type labeling; charging type labeling (PHEVs and EVs only); and hydrogen fuel labeling for hydrogen fuel cell cars
  • Product safety information: Airbag warning labeling; temporary spare tire (if provided) speed alert labeling; No rearward-facing child restraint system (CRS) labeling on PAB (passenger airbag) seats (sun visor); ISOFIX anchor labeling; and high voltage components labeling

North America (U.S., Canada)

  • Product information: Monroney stickers (Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) labeling that shows fuel efficiency, NCAP information, the percentage of components manufactured in North America, etc.)
  • Fuel efficiency (environmental) information: VECI labeling (certified exhaust gas data); refrigerant labeling; and mercury content labeling
  • Product safety information: Certification labeling (ID labeling); Tire Placards (tire air pressure information labeling); VIN labeling; anti-theft labeling; airbag warning labeling; and Rollover Warning labeling (MPVs with a wheelbase of 110 inches or less)

Russia/East Europe

  • Product information: European ID labeling + Russian certification labeling (EAC)
  • Product safety information: Warnings and consumer safety information in local languages (Russian, Turkish, etc.)


  • Product Information: ID labeling; VIN (W/screen); and anti-theft labeling
  • Fuel efficiency (environmental) information: Fuel efficiency labeling
  • Product safety information: COC labeling; CRS warning labeling; and temporary spare tire (if provided) speed warning labeling


  • Product information: ID labeling (year of production, vehicle weight, vehicle identification number, types of car, model name, tire, etc.); and recommended air pressure labeling
  • Fuel efficiency (environmental) information: Fuel efficiency labeling; and exhaust gas-related sign
  • Product safety information: Airbag warning labeling; ISOFIX anchor labeling; high-voltage components labeling; and hydrogen fuel labeling for hydrogen fuel cell cars