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Under Kia's newly introduced brand purpose, Kia continuously work to change mindset and behaviors of its members. For this, Kia developed "Customer-Centric, People-Focused Culture" Culture Ambition, and made Kia's Values and Behaviors--adopting diverse perspectives. On this ground, we attempt to drive fundamental changes company-wide.

Customer-Centric and People-Focused Culture

People are the heart of everything we do. We work together to inspire our customers and our colleagues, empowering each other to make progress. We dare to push the boundaries of what’s possible, chasing excellence everyday.

Care for People

Knowing small actions make big impacts, we lead with empathy and respect for our colleagues, customers and the planet. We never compromise on our responsibility to shape the world we want to live in: one that is more inclusive, equitable and sustainable.

  • We enable everyone to be themselves at work, regardless of background, culture or identity.
  • We make decisions to create better outcomes for our colleagues, customers and the planet, not for individual or temporary success.
  • We set clear and achievable goals that positively impact our colleagues, customers and the planet.

Move Further, Together

United by our purpose, we work together, embracing diverse perspectives. By debating ideas, inspiring each other, and sharing joy, we move further—together.

  • We work together across teams and regions to achieve shared goals.
  • We actively seek feedback and listen to different perspectives, constructively challenging each others’ ideas.
  • We celebrate and recognize our progress, not only the end result.

Empower People to Act

Our mutual trust in one another empowers us to own our commitments and take responsibility. Our freedom to act is guided by shared accountability.

  • We agree on outcomes at the beginning of each task and trust each other to make it happen.
  • We are transparent with each other, sharing information openly.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our commitments.

Dare to Push Boundaries

Bold, curious, and creative, we dare to reimagine how the world moves forward. We relentlessly challenge convention, knowing it’s better to take risks—and learn from failure—than to stand still.

  • We stay curious; we learn and grow each day.
  • We take calculated risks and see failure as an opportunity to learn.
  • We boldly and purposefully challenge the status quo to find new solutions.

Chase Excellence, Every Day

We think big and pursue continuous improvement. We adapt quickly to exceed customer expectations and simplify how we work to ensure our process never gets in the way of our progress.

  • We continually seek to understand our customers, to deliver on their needs and remove pain points.
  • We prioritize our tasks and simplify how we work to improve quality and productivity.
  • We make decisions and act quickly, balancing data and our best judgement.

Idea platform, Way to Inspiration

Kia’s "Way to Inspiration" is an always-on idea platform where employees may freely discuss ideas and get inspiration. Regardless of job or position, Kia employee can offer and embrace unique ideas through the platform.

Organizational Development Activities

Kia is driving systematic data-driven changes. We conduct company-wide culture surveys and team-specific culture diagnostics to identify organizational issues and address root causes.

Cascading Structure

Enterprise - Kia Culture Survey → [Assignments] DOT → [Issue identification/in-depth diagnosis] ← [Suggestions for improvement] HQ Division - In-depth Analysis/Improvement → [Assignments] → [Issue identification/in-depth diagnosis] ← [Suggestions for improvement] Business Unit - Deep Analysis / Improvement → [Assignments] ← [Suggestions for improvement] Team - Implementation of change activities in team units

Main Activities

  • Company-wide organizational culture survey
  • Deriving and executing company-wide activity tasks
HQ Division
  • Identify issues based on culture survey results (HQs/divisions)
  • Cause analysis considering the characteristics of HQs/divisions
  • Identify tasks and carry out improvement activities
Business Unit
  • Business unit culture survey data analysis
  • Cause analysis considering the characteristics of business unit
  • Identify tasks and carry out improvement activities
  • Conduct team organizational culture diagnosis, provide team-specific reports
  • Team unit organizational development activity (On the job session, customized workshop)

Organizational Development consulting

We provide diverse customized consulting services for units that are struggling or in need of changes.

Customized organization development consulting
Improvement area Support Concept Necessary Period
Solve key issues
  • Customized in-depth diagnosis (member psychological state, horizontal communication, leadership, collaboration, organizational effectiveness, etc.)
  • Issue/Troubleshooting Workshop
  • Change suggestion and monitoring
Diagnosis and workshop (2-3 months)
Improving Leadership Behavior
  • In-depth Diagnosis (Quantitative & Qualitative)
  • Leader Counseling and Practice
  • Member engagement and change monitoring
Leader Counseling (4 months)
Improve organizational operations
  • Culture Map Diagnosis (Qualitative Diagnosis)
  • Leadership team session
  • Subsequent intervention design and monitoring
Leadership Team Organizational Development (4 months)

Leader Support Board

In order to empower leaders and employees to make changes together, all business units in Kia are running “leader support board”. Members of the board consist of diverse ranks. The members observe organizational issues in balanced manner and make suggestions to a leader. Leader utilizes leader support board as an effective channel to improve leadership behaviors and organizational operations.

Repeat Step 2, 3, 4 regularly [Step 1] Leader support board members consist of diverse ranks (3~5 per units) [Step 2] Board members observe organizational issues together (Interview, tool kit questionnaire etc.) [Step 3] Making suggestions to a leader based on observations [Step 4] Based on suggestions leaders improve leadership behaviors and organizational operations
Leader support board Expectations [Leader] Real voice feedback from unit members → Identify desired organizational operations of all ranks → Improve and reflect leadership behaviors [Support board] Learn how to observe leadership behaviors and organizational issues Improve leadership skills througn "If I am a leader, how would I solve this" question [Member of KIA] Reflection business unit members' voice Making changes together [KIA] Establish a culture of employee-led change All business units working toward company-wide changes (with sub-culture changes)